UTA+TUNA CINER ( kikkula)

kikkula is my latest discovery as a strong example of papier mache, paper craft technique… i am very sorry that i haven’t met the artists personally yet, but i will  soon. I am very inspired by the paper statues, their forms and productions, as well as the  paper objects , both the thin-long and  bold – plain ones. the use f color is at perfect quality and taste. the artist adds other ingredients such as onion, coffee in to the paper and calls this ” upcycling”!  looking forward to visit the showroom which is at gumusluk, bodrum.no more words. but lots of photos…

1534891_673368396058753_1769762856_o 1412648_645458328849760_101099856_o 904416_524587527603508_899092916_o 858029_509211439141117_504284432_o 466608_534922039903390_1817418562_o 340798_432217536840508_475869183_o1534891_673368396058753_1769762856_o


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